Our hostel is working and it is the place where the process is in action. Now there is more space here!

While our volunteers are helping the parents, their kids are playing light-heartedly in the play space. We have already hosted hundreds of people and each of them has received necessary help.

Our storage is renewed each day. During the day, all the things are segregated, packed and delivered in huge amounts to Ukraine.
We captured the chaos that had been in the beginning. Now, all the processes are worked out, all the work is divided into the sectors and there are responsible people for each of them. Together with you we can do even more!!!

Yesterday, our Slavic Mission in Europe helped a group of kids from the orphanage to come to Krakow. They had a very long and difficult trip. The most precious thing that we could do for them today was to provide them with a warm meal in one of the best Krakow restaurants and to send kids to their new home for the nearest period of time - into the comfortable and cozy complex in the mountains not far from Krakow, but far from the war… The kids are taking rest and rehabilitating, and we continue doing good works!

Huge thank you to all our sponsors! Huge thank you to all our volunteers! Thanks to each and everyone, who takes part! Thanks to everyone who prays!

All that we do, doesn’t come easily, but having seen their happy faces, we understand that we do everything correctly!
God is with us, beloved ones! Blessings to all!