During this time, we have accommodated more than 1000 people in our hostel and each of them has received the necessary help. Lots of them went further to another countries or another Polish cities; we also helped others to find accommodation in Krakow. More than hundred of people come to our center each day to receive necessary products and clothing, etc. Moreover, we send humanitarian aid to Ukraine each day.

We have already sent about 150 tones of humanitarian aid to Lviv, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi, Poltava, Svetlovodsk, to the borders, also to the most critical parts of Ukraine, including Kharkov for these 2 weeks.
We have sent 20 tones of humanitarian aid to Poltava, to the Vozrozhdenie Church; part of this aid has been left in Poltava, another one has been sent to Kharkov. Despite that, people has received electric generator that is necessary for adequate and seamless operation of their center.

There were three trailer trucks that were sent to Svetlovodsk. Together with volunteers, the Golgotha Church accepts humanitarian aid in their hub, sorting, distributing it to the families, providing territorial defense with the provisions and send it by vans to Kharkov, where they evacuate people on their way back.

We have received many letters of appreciation from different cities of Ukraine and this gratefulness is for each of you.
Unfortunately, there are much more requests for help that we receive. More and more cities need our help.

Thanks to all of you who participate. But we should not lose heart in well-doing. May God bless you!