We have received a letter of appreciation from Vozrozhdenie Church in Poltava and we would like to tell you about this gratitude that is directed to each of you. But mostly we were shocked by the photos where the tragic reality of the majority of Ukrainian cities is shown.
Dull basements, thin mattresses on the cold floor, no light and heating, large cooking pod on the campfire that is shared with everyone and grateful faces of people, who have received the help from all of us. Looking at this, we understand how important is what we do and how much people need our further support.
По фотографиям видно, что людям постоянно нужны матрасы, подушки и одеяла, лекарства, еда, средства гигиены, а также, газовые плитки, баллоны и горелки. Спасибо всем, дорогие. Благословит вас Бог.