The unity in churches and missions that we can see today, this is the way that God is looking for in us. Our church, New Hope and Slavic Mission in Europe actively cooperates with many churches from Europe, USA, Canada and many churches in Ukraine. Some churches participate financially, providing products and transportation outside Ukraine. Others serve people in critical locations or in peaceful cities, hosting refugees in their houses.
We conduct huge mutual work together with Golgotha church from Svetlovodsk. People there have the same center as we have here in Krakow and that aid that we provide them with, they receive and sort it, afterwards they transfer it further to other cities. Moreover, they themselves bring humanitarian aid to critical locations and evacuate people from there on their way back. Each such trip takes place under the shelling and unfortunately, there are victims. Those goods that are sent to villages and cities often are the only food that people can get. We would like to do even more when we hear the reviews and watch photos that we receive.
Additionally, we have active and successful cooperation with “Clear vision” fund in Lviv, with churches in Chernivtsi, Mykolaiv, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia and Ternopil. We couldn’t reach all those people by ourselves, the same as people in different cities of Ukraine, we couldn't help them but we can do huge work together. Our strength is in our unity. God stimulates thousands of people all around the world to do one common thing and when He gives that stimulus, He provides all possibilities to accomplish that. So, let’s be obedient to Him and let’s do our main role in this war and in our mutual victory.