It was a long month, the one that has divided our lives into what was before and what is now. The month that has shown us who is who in reality. Together with that, this is the month that has shown us thousands of heroes in Ukraine and outside the country. There are so many things that we can do together
One month ago, we gathered together for the prayer and asked God what we can do as a church. It seemed that we didn’t have anything to help with, but we had the most important thing: faith and desire. During the prayer we have heard that we as a church will be those with “5 loaves and 2 fish” in hands that will be multiplied and having nothing we will feed thousands of people as it was written in the Bible. At that moment, it wasn’t real and understandable, but it has already been one month that God is making miracles through us. He is connecting people, churches and organizations together. He is renewing our strengths in a miraculous way, He provides us with resources, finances and opportunities. He is making things that we could not make in our human way ever.
During this month, 7000 refugees have received help. We could accommodate 3500 people in our hostel and apartment. Additionally, we were able to provide 2100 refugees with homes. More than 1700 of those in need have received humanitarian aid in Krakow. About 250 tons of humanitarian aid was sorted and transferred to Ukraine.

We would like to continue being faithful in the things that God has given us, so we are not planning to stop. If you feel that you would like to become a part of our team, write to our email, call our phone numbers or come to our center. Also, you can help us financially or buy something from the list of the necessary things that were posted on our web-site. We believe that God puts desire into the heart and when we have desire, He gives us an opportunity to do that, so don’t be afraid! Thank you for being with us! Be blessed.