About us
The Slavic Mission in Europe is a Christian organisation that opens and supports churches, preaches the Gospel and provides help to people in different cities of Poland, Europe and Ukraine.
Due to the situation in Ukraine, currently we are spending all our time, direct all our strengths and resources to:
accept refugees from Ukraine, organise humanitarian aid that is sent to the most critical locations.
That all began when we, as a church, accepted first refugees in our homes, then we placed mattresses in our church. Then, with increasing need and thanks to God’s provision, we could organise the hostel for 76 beds.
Now, day and night, we accomodate people for 3-days long period. We are providing them with all the conditions for comfortable stay; medical, psychological and legal support. Later on, a volunteer team finds accomodation for those people (the one that will be available for a longer period of time) or helps them to go to other cities and countries in regards to their individual needs.

Despite all of that, our center works day and night in order to take, segregate and then to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
It began when we ourselves and our friends started bringing mattresses, pillows and food, but already on the next day, hundreds of people who heard about us, started bringing the food, clothes, shoes and medication. That has given us the possibility not only to provide the help for the needs of our hostel, but also to assist others. Today, we send at least 4 full buses with humanitarian aid to different cities of Ukraine each day.

Thanks to the volunteers, families with kids who live at our place receive three meals daily, a comfortable place to stay, toys and sweets. In case of need, they also receive clothes and shoes, because the majority of them come to Poland with only one backpack. Despite all of that, thanks to the volunteers, tonnes of aid is transferred to Ukraine, to the cities where it is unreal to buy even basic products right now.

Together we do great things. We provide support for people and give them hope. That is love, shown in actions. This is what God puts into our hearts and we are glad that we can be obedient to Him.